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  • table

    英:[ˈteɪbl] 美: [ˈtebəl] 

    table 基本解释

    名词桌子; 表,目录; 手术台,工作台,游戏台; 平地层

    及物动词制表; 搁置; 嵌合; 搁置


    table 相关词组

    1. under the table : 在(背地)里, 酒醉;

    2. on the table : 在桌面上, 公开地, 被提交讨论的;

    3. keep a good table : 经常备着好酒菜;

    4. upon the table : 尽人皆知;

    5. at table : 在餐桌边;

    table 相关词组

    1. under the table : 在(背地)里, 酒醉;

    2. on the table : 在桌面上, 公开地, 被提交讨论的;

    3. keep a good table : 经常备着好酒菜;

    4. upon the table : 尽人皆知;

    5. at table : 在餐桌边;

    table 相关例句


    1. Research groups prepare the draft bills tabled by parliamentary representatives.

    2. The distribution is as tabled below.


    1. We reserved a table for four at the restaurant.

    2. The whole table heard what he said.

    3. His jokes set the whole table in an uproar.

    4. The nearby restaurant keeps an excellent table.

    table 情景对话



    A:Do you have a reservation, sir?

    B:No, I am afraid we don’t.


    A:I’m sorry. The restaurant is full now. You have to wait for about half an hour. Would you care to have a drink at the lounge until a table is available?
          很抱歉,餐厅已经满座了。约要等30 分钟才会有空桌。你们介意在休息室喝点东西直至有空桌吗?

    B:No,thanks. We’ll come back later. May I reserve a table for two?

    A:Yes, of course. May I have your name, sir?

    B:Bruce. By the way. Can we have a table by the window?

    A:We’ll try to arrange it but I can’t guarantee, sir.


    B:That’s fine.

    A:Your table is ready, sir. Please step this way.

    table 网络释义

    1. 台 宽 比:再往下探究,Cut里有分了好多指标,个人认为比较重要的有全深比(Depth)、台宽比(Table)、腰线(Girdle)和底尖比(Culet). 这些参数指的都是钻石各部位的切割比例. 如果各部位的切割比例接近完美的话,就能够凝聚其内部所有的光线折射到精确切割的58个平面上,

    2. table:tab; 桌面类

    3. table:t; 表

    table 词典解释

    1. 桌子;台子
        A table is a piece of furniture with a flat top that you put things on or sit at.

        e.g. She was sitting at the kitchen table eating a currant bun...
        e.g. I placed his drink on the small table at his elbow.

    2. (饭店的)饭桌,餐桌
        If you ask for a table in a restaurant, you want to have a meal there.


        e.g. I'd like a table for two at about 8:30, please...
               我想订一张 8:30 左右的双人桌。
        e.g. I booked a table at the Savoy Grill...

    3. 正式提出,提交(议案)
        If someone tables a proposal, they say formally that they want it to be discussed at a meeting.

        e.g. They've tabled a motion criticising the Government for doing nothing about the problem.

    4. 搁置(提案、计划)
        If someone tables a proposal or plan which has been put forward, they decide to discuss it or deal with it at a later date, rather than straight away.

        e.g. We will table that for later.

    5. 表;表格;目录
        A table is a written set of facts and figures arranged in columns and rows.

        e.g. Consult the table on page 104...
               参阅 104 页的表格。
        e.g. Other research supports the figures in Table 3.3.
               其他研究也可证实表 3.3 中的数据。

    6. (1 至 12 的)乘法表
        A table is a list of the multiplications of numbers between one and twelve. Children often have to learn tables at school.

        e.g. He didn't know his eleven-times table...
        e.g. I attempted to learn my tables.

    7. see also: coffee table;dressing table;negotiating table;round table;tea table

    8. 提交讨论;摆到桌面上
        If you put something on the table, you present it at a meeting for it to be discussed.


        e.g. This is one of the best packages we've put on the table in years...
        e.g. It means that all the options are at least on the table.

    9. 扭转局面;转败为胜
        If you turn the tables on someone, you change the situation completely, so that instead of them causing problems for you, you are causing problems for them.

        e.g. The only question is whether the President can use his extraordinary political skills to turn the tables on his opponents.

    10. to put your cards on the table -> see card

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