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  • treat

    英:[tri:t] 美: [trit] 

    treat 基本解释

    treat 相关词组

    1. treat of : 论及;

    treat 相关词组

    1. treat of : 论及;

    treat 相关例句


    1. He treated his mistake as a joke.

    2. She treated me all right.

    3. treat

    3. The doctors were not able to treat this disease.


    1. This book treats of economic problems.


    1. treat什么意思

    1. It's a great treat for them to go to the theater.

    treat 情景对话


    A:Happy Valentine’s Day! Could I treat you to dinner tonight?

    B:That’s nice of you.


    A:Hi Diane, do you have a minute?

    B:Sure, what’s up?

    A:Well, I just wanted to apologize for my behavior lately. I just haven’t been myself.

    B:You have been acting a little strange.

    A:No, not just a little. I’ve been really rude to you and I’m sorry. I know you must think I’m a fair-weather friend.

    B:To be honest, I was a little hurt, but I figured that you must be having a difficult time right now in your life.


    A:You’re right, I am. But that’s no excuse to treat you poorly. Will you forgive me?

    B:Of course I will. That’s what friends are for! So tell me, how is your sister?


    A:She’s still in the hospital.


    B:Do the doctors know what’s wrong with her yet?


    A:No, they’re still doing tests and trying to figure out new medications in the hope that something will work.

    B:How is she holding up?

    A:She’s the same as always, surprisingly enough! She’s always been the funny one and she still is. Even at a time like this, she’s making jokes. She’s amazing.


    A:Wow, I love those jeans! Are they designer jeans?

    B:I don’t know. My mother just gave them to me.

    A:Let me see. These are really expensive jeans! Your mother must really love you.


    B:I guess. I don’t really like designer clothes though. I don’t know why people spend so much money on a piece of clothing. The money could be spent in a much better way.

    A:Well, if you decide you don’t want them, let me know. I’m sure I could find someone who would like to wear them.


    B:Do you have a lot of brand name clothes?

    A:I wouldn’t wear anything that wasn’t a brand name.

    B:Really? You must spend a lot of money on clothing then.


    A:I do, but I think it’s worth it. People treat you differently when you have nice clothing on.

    B:Do you think that’s true?


    A:Sure. Pay attention as you walk down the street in those jeans. People will be looking.


    B:I don’t believe it. I think designer clothing is a complete waste of money. Especially when you can’t afford it!

    A:To each their own, I guess!

    treat 网络释义


    1. 处理:将物件分类为主要物件会影响 Analysis Services 的执行个体处理 (Treat)该物件的方式,以及如何以物件定义语言处理 (Handle) 该物件. 不过,这个分类无法保证 Analysis Services 管理与开发工具,将允许独立地建立、修改或删除这些物件.

    2. 对待:官方资料称8700G将会配备容量为1100毫安时的锂电池,在一般强度的使用(Use)上可以待机三天,加上支持USB直接充电,对待(Treat)事务繁忙的商务人士而言可以随时连接数据线为手机充电.

    3. 款待:二月二十八日 生日花:紫番红花(Pruple Crocus) 花 语:款待(Treat) 紫番红花是番红花的原种,古罗马人把它当成宴客时最珍贵的花朵. 有的把它铺在晏会的会场,有的让它漂浮在水池及喷泉上,令参与晏会的客人赏心悦目. 因此它的花语是-款待.

    treat 词典解释

    1. 对待;看待;处理
        If you treat someone or something in a particular way, you behave towards them or deal with them in that way.

        e.g. Artie treated most women with indifference...
        e.g. Police say they're treating it as a case of attempted murder...

    2. 治疗;医治
        When a doctor or nurse treats a patient or an illness, he or she tries to make the patient well again.

        e.g. Doctors treated her with aspirin...
        e.g. The boy was treated for a minor head wound...

    3. 处理;给…上保护层
        If something is treated with a particular substance, the substance is put onto or into it in order to clean it, to protect it, or to give it special properties.


        e.g. About 70% of the cocoa acreage is treated with insecticide...
               大约 70% 的可可树林地喷过杀虫剂。
        e.g. It was many years before the city began to treat its sewage.

    4. 请(客);招待;款待
        If you treat someone to something special which they will enjoy, you buy it or arrange it for them.

        e.g. She was always treating him to ice cream...
        e.g. Tomorrow I'll treat myself to a day's gardening...

    5. 请客;款待
        If you give someone a treat, you buy or arrange something special for them which they will enjoy.

        e.g. Lettie had never yet failed to return from town without some special treat for him.

    6. 请客;做东
        If you say that something is your treat, you mean that you are paying for it as a treat for someone else.


    7. 很出色的东西
        If you say, for example, that something looks or works a treat, you mean that it looks very good or works very well.

        e.g. The first part of the plan works a treat...
        e.g. The apricots would go down a treat.

    8. to treat someone like dirt -> see dirt

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