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  • system

    英:[ˈsɪstəm] 美: [ˈsɪstəm] 

    system 基本解释

    名词制度; 体系,系统; 身体; 方法

    system 相关例句


    1. We have a large system of railways.

    2. The present system of education needs to be improved.

    3. system是什么意思

    3. They are devising a road system.


    4. I prefer this system of teaching English.

    5. His secretaries work with system.

    system 情景对话


    B:Give me a summary of your current job description.

    A:I have been working as a computer programmer for five years. To be specific, I do system analysis, trouble shooting and provide software support.


    B:Why did you leave your last job?

    A:Well, I am hoping to get an offer of a better position. If opportunity knocks, I will take it./I feel I have reached the "glass ceiling" in my current job. / I feel there is no opportunity for advancement.
          我希望能获得一份更好的工作,如果机会来临,我会抓 住。/我觉得目前的工作,已经达到顶峰,即沒有升迁机会。


    A:: Madam, can I help you at all?

    B:I hope so. I’m shopping around for computer system with a view to purchasing several.

    A:May I ask who you are buying for?


    B:ABC company. My name is Dr. Wang.

    A:Ah, welcome to London, Dr. Wang. We’ve done quite a lot of business with your company in the past, I believe.

    B:That’s right.


    A:Would you like to step up here for a demonstration? We’ve made improvements since we last did business with you.

    B:Later on, perhaps. Right now I’d like to have a good look at your brochure.

    A:Certainly. Take as many as you need. Come back any time you’re ready.



    A:How safe is this area?

    B:Oh, well, you should lock the doors and turn the security system on when you leave, but it really isn’t too bad.

    A:Really? Do you live nearby?

    B:Yes. As a matter of fact, I live about two blocks north. I’ve never had any problems, although there have been a few break-ins recently.


    B:The security system should take care of that, though. The entrance to the subway is not far from here..

    A:That’s true. Is the neighborhood trying to do anything about the security?

    B:Well, we’ve set up a neighborhood watch program. We caught a guy a couple of months ago.


    A:All right, well, let me think about it.

    system 网络释义

    1. system的解释

    1. system:sys; 系统

    system 词典解释

    1. 体系;制度;体制;组织
        A system is a way of working, organizing, or doing something which follows a fixed plan or set of rules. You can use system to refer to an organization or institution that is organized in this way.

        e.g. The present system of funding for higher education is unsatisfactory.
        e.g. ...a flexible and relatively efficient filing system.

    2. (计算机、警报器等的)系统
        A system is a set of devices powered by electricity, for example a computer or an alarm.

        e.g. Viruses tend to be good at surviving when a computer system crashes.

    3. (水管或电线等的)系统
        A system is a set of equipment or parts such as water pipes or electrical wiring, which is used to supply water, heat, or electricity.


        e.g. ...a central heating system.

    4. (交通、通信)网,网络
        A system is a network of things that are linked together so that people or things can travel from one place to another or communicate.

        e.g. ...Australia's road and rail system.
        e.g. ...a news channel on a local cable system.

    5. 身体;(器官)系统
        Your system is your body's organs and other parts that together perform particular functions.


        e.g. He had slept for over fourteen hours, and his system seemed to have recuperated admirably...
               他已睡了超过 14 个小时了,他的身体恢复得很不错。
        e.g. These gases would seriously damage the patient's respiratory system.

    6. (尤指数学或科学中的)体系,体制
        A system is a particular set of rules, especially in mathematics or science, which is used to count or measure things.

        e.g. ...the decimal system of metric weights and measures.
        e.g. ...Trachtenberg's system of simplified mathematics.

    7. 政府;现行体制;公共行政
        People sometimes refer to the government or administration of a country as the system .

        e.g. These feelings are likely to make people attempt to overthrow the system...
        e.g. He wants to be the tough rebel who bucks the system.

    8. see also: central nervous system;digestive system;ecosystem;immune system;metric system;nervous system;public address system;solar system;sound system

    9. 宣泄;排解;戒掉;让…淡出自己的生活
        If you get something out of your system, you take some action so that you no longer want to do it or no longer have strong feelings about it.

        e.g. I want to get boxing out of my system and settle down to enjoy family life.

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