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  • road

    英:[rəʊd] 美: [roʊd] 

    road 基本解释

    1. on the road : 在旅途中;

    2. take to the road : 出发, 动身;

    3. hit the road : 离开;

    4. take the road of : 占先;

    5. take the road : 出发;

    6. by road : 由公路;

    road 相关词组

    1. on the road : 在旅途中;

    2. take to the road : 出发, 动身;

    3. hit the road : 离开;

    4. take the road of : 占先;

    5. take the road : 出发;

    6. by road : 由公路;

    road 相关例句


    1. Today there are cars, good roads, radios, and television sets.

    2. This is a road to success.

    road 情景对话


    B:Hey, Jim. I didn’t know you biked to work.


    A:Yeah, it helps keep me fit and helps the environment, too.

    B:One less car on the road means less pollution.

    A:Right. Since my work is near a park, it’s a really nice ride, too.

    B:How far is it?

    A:Oh, about 10 miles. It takes me about an hour.


    B:That doesn’t sound too bad. I wish I could do it, but I work in the city. So I take the train.

    A:You’re doing your part for the environment by using public transportation, too.

    B:True. Well, see you tomorrow.

    A:See you.


    A:Bob, do you want to go grocery shopping with me?

    B:Where are you going—to the corner shop down the road or to the new supermarket downtown?


    A:I thought we could go to the new supermarket to check it out. Maybe they’ll have some of those olives that you like so much.

    B:Alright. Have you made your shopping list?


    A:No, I thought we’d just have a look.

    B:You know what they say. You should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry.

    A:Why not?

    B:Because you’ll end up buying a lot more food than you normally would. Maybe we should at least give ourselves a budget to work with.

    A:Fine. We won’t spend any more than $50.
          好,我们不要超过50 美元。

    B:Ok. Let’s go!

    Promotional Activities-(促销活动)


    A:As you know, the FastTrek 2000 is due for release next month. I think we've finally worked the kinks out.
          正如你所知,FastTrek 2000 预定在下个月推出。我想我们已经解决了所有琐碎的问题。

    B:Great. That's vital. Quality is the focus of the ad campaign. The boards must work well if they're going to be the cash cow we want them to be.

    A:Let's go over our promotion plans again.

    B:OK. We have six major retailers running demonstrations at most branches. And our exhibition team is already on the road setting up for computer shows.

    A:Good. What about print and radio?

    B:We've taken out full-page ads for two large trade magazines. And more important, our press releases have been well received.

    A:Any larger ads?

    B:Yes. We're putting the same full-page ad in the Sunday edition of three major newspapers.

    A:Sounds perfect.


    B:But nothing ever works out as you want it. So I have a number of other tricks up my sleeve, as well.

    road 网络释义

    1. road

    1. 公路车:公路车(road bike) 1.公路车(road),是公路车中最常见的以种车型,特点:轮胎非常小,弯把,速度非常快,缺点:操控性差,长时间骑行容易疲劳. 2.场地车(track). 是公路车速度最快的一种,时速能达到50-60km,车的特点,没刹车,

    2. 公路:文德斯个人认为这十分钟是处理了3个R:公路(Road)、摇摇滚(RockNRoll)、时间的相关性(RelativityofTime). 小号篇6: 10分钟回忆大选时刻-WeWuzRubbed(我们将被掠夺) 激进的黑人电影先锋斯派克.李用这十分钟把把镜头对准2000年总统大选失败后的戈尔幕僚.

    3. road:routing and addressing group; 路由选择和寻址组

    4. road:regionalization of danger degree; 信息系统

    road 词典解释

    1. 路;道路;公路
        A road is a long piece of hard ground which is built between two places so that people can drive or ride easily from one place to the other.

        e.g. There was very little traffic on the roads...
        e.g. We just go straight up the Bristol Road...

    2. 途径;方法;过程
        The road to a particular result is the means of achieving it or the process of achieving it.

        e.g. We are bound to see some ups and downs along the road to recovery.

    3. 出发;动身
        If you hit the road, you set out on a journey.

        e.g. I was relieved to get back in the car and hit the road again.

    4. 在旅途中;在路上
        If you are on the road, you are going on a long journey or a series of journeys by road.

        e.g. He hoped to get a new truck and go back on the road.

    5. 走向…;向…迈进;即将达到
        If you say that someone is on the road to something, you mean that they are likely to achieve it.

        e.g. The government took another step on the road to political reform.
        e.g. ...the stunning fashion pictures which launched unknown teenager Jane March on the road to stardom.

    6. the end of the road -> see end

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