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  • raw

    英:[rɔ:] 美: [rɔ] 

    raw 基本解释

    raw 同义词

    raw 相关词组

    1. in the raw : 处于自然状态, 不完善, 裸体;

    raw 相关词组

    1. in the raw : 处于自然状态, 不完善, 裸体;

    raw 相关例句


    1. raw什么意思

    1. All the raw materials are imported.

    2. They were tired of their raw treatment by their boss.

    3. Most fruits are eaten raw.

    4. The new teacher is very capable but he's still a bit raw.

    5. His heel is raw because his shoe doesn't fit well.

    raw 情景对话


    B:I'm sorry to say that your price has soared. It's almost 20% higher than last year's.

    A:That's because the price of raw materials has gone up.

    B:I see. Thank you.

    raw 网络释义

    1. 未加工的:2.8生成交叉引用(crOSS-reference)列表信息(.px选项)2.9生成未加工的(raw)列表文件(一pl选项)2.10使用内联(inline)函数扩展3.5执行文件级(file-level)优化(一03选项)3.6执行程序级(program-level)优化(一pm和一03选项)3.1

    2. 生肉:话说生肉(RAW)一开始吃的话还真很紧张别扭呢,平时的话有意无意的瞄一眼字幕就很轻松了,现在的话差不多每集都有三五句没听懂的,八九句猜出来的,虽然我觉得已经挺满意了=w=话说主人公唱的那首歌啊= =总共也没听清几句,

    3. raw:routing and wavelength assignment; 路由与波长分配

    4. raw:research and analysis wing; 研究和分析之翼

    5. raw:read after write; 写后读

    6. raw:radar echo wave; 回波

    raw 词典解释

    1. 未经加工的;天然状态的
        Raw materials or substances are in their natural state before being processed or used in manufacturing.


        e.g. We import raw materials and energy and export mainly industrial products.
        e.g. ...two ships carrying raw sugar from Cuba.

    2. (食物)生的,生食的,未熟的
        Raw food is food that is eaten uncooked, that has not yet been cooked, or that has not been cooked enough.

        e.g. ...a popular dish made of raw fish...
        e.g. This versatile vegetable can be eaten raw or cooked...

    3. 露肉的;擦破皮的
        If a part of your body is raw, it is red and painful, perhaps because the skin has come off or has been burnt.

        e.g. ...the drag of the rope against the raw flesh of my shoulders...
        e.g. Her feet hurt and her hands were rubbed raw from unaccustomed work.

    4. (情感)不加掩饰的,原始的,朴实的
        Raw emotions are strong basic feelings or responses which are not weakened by other influences.

        e.g. ...the raw passions of nationalism...
        e.g. Her grief was still raw and he did not know how to help her.

    The rawness of his greed was frank and uninhibited.

    5. 简单的;强大的;真实的
        If you describe something as raw, you mean that it is simple, powerful, and real.

        e.g. ...the raw power of instinct.
        e.g. ...the raw vitality of his earlier painting.

    Recorded almost live, there's a certain seductive rawness about the whole thing.

    6. (信息)未经处理的,原始的
        Raw data is facts or information that has not yet been sorted, analysed, or prepared for use.

        e.g. Analyses were conducted on the raw data.
        e.g. ...a statistical model that fully adjusts the census's raw figures.

    7. 没有经验的;不熟练的
        If you describe someone in a new job as raw, or as a raw recruit, you mean that they lack experience in that job.

        e.g. ...replacing experienced men with raw recruits...
        e.g. Davies is still raw but his potential shows.

    8. (天气)生冷的,阴冷的
        Raw weather feels unpleasantly cold.

        e.g. Once they cleared the housetops, the wind was raw and biting.
        e.g. ...a raw December morning.

    9. (污水)未经处理的
          Raw sewage is sewage that has not been treated to make it cleaner.

          e.g. ...contamination of bathing water by raw sewage.

    10. 不公平待遇
          If you say that you are getting a raw deal, you mean that you are being treated unfairly.


          e.g. They feel that Quebec is getting a raw deal...
          e.g. I think women have a raw deal.

    11. 未开化的;原生态的;处于蒙昧状态的;原原本本的
          You use in the raw to describe something that is in its true state, and has not been made civilized or respectable.

          e.g. This is nature in the raw...
          e.g. He also wanted to see Bangladesh in the raw...

    12. to touch a raw nerve -> see nerve

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