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    英:[kwəʊt] 美: [kwoʊt] 

    quote 基本解释



    及物动词报价; 引述


    名词报价; 引用; 引号

    quote 相关例句


    1. She asked the reporter not to quote her remark.

    2. The dialogue in old books is not quoted.

    3. He quoted his own experiences in India.

    4. quote的近义词

    4. The judge quoted various cases in support of his opinion.


    1. quote是什么意思

    1. He put these words in quotes.

    quote 情景对话


    B:Were you able to quote on all the items we need ?

    A:No, not all of them .

    B:Oh ?why not ?

    A:We aren‘t able to supply the third ad fifth items .


    A:I'm sorry to say that the price you quote is too high. It would be very difficult for us to push any sales if we buy it at this price.


    B:well, if you take quality into consideration, you won't think our price is too high.

    A:Let's meet each other half way.

    quote 网络释义

    1. 报价:内容提要:在炒外汇(Forex)时,您会看到一个两边的货币(Currency)报价(Quote),由买价与卖价组成,买价是在此价格上您拟卖掉基础货币(Currency)(同时买进相反货币(Currency)).

    2. 引号:因为,DTS会先根据资料来源来产生虚拟栏位在即将输出的文字档里,此虚拟栏位并无资料型别(因为是输出到文字档,而非资料表),所以通常只是交代此栏位是否要加引号(quote)或不加引号,还有长度为何.

    3. quote的解释

    3. 引文:另有大量选自国外著名刊物注解(Comment)和引文(Quote),对理解词条有很大的帮助. 语法注解(Note)则告诉读者该词有无复数、特殊的复数拼法或动词的不同变化形式等. 本书的附录则给出了数字的用法、ASCII和EBCDIC代码、国际标准度量单位和其他一些有用的信息.

    4. quote:(quote of the day protocol 气象报告协议〖因特网〗

    quote 词典解释

    1. 引述;引用
        If you quote someone as saying something, you repeat what they have written or said.

        e.g. He quoted Mr Polay as saying that peace negotiations were already underway...
        e.g. She was quoted in the Express by an unnamed source as saying: 'I won't bail out those two silly girls.'...

    2. 引文;引语;语录
        A quote from a book, poem, play, or speech is a passage or phrase from it.

        e.g. The article starts with a quote from an unnamed member of the Cabinet.

    3. 援引,引用(法律条款、事实等)
        If you quote something such as a law or a fact, you state it because it supports what you are saying.

        e.g. Mr Meacher quoted statistics saying that the standard of living of the poorest people had fallen.

    4. 报(价);开(价)
        If someone quotes a price for doing something, they say how much money they would charge you for a service they are offering or for a job that you want them to do.

        e.g. A travel agent quoted her £160 for a flight from Bristol to Palma...
        e.g. He quoted a price for the repairs.

    5. 报价;开价
        A quote for a piece of work is the price that someone says they will charge you to do the work.

        e.g. Always get a written quote for any repairs needed.

    6. 报…的牌价;为…报价
        If a company's shares, a substance, or a currency is quoted at a particular price, that is its current market price.

        e.g. In early trading in Hong Kong yesterday, gold was quoted at $368.20 an ounce...
        e.g. Heron is a private company and is not quoted on the Stock Market.

    7. 同 quotation mark
        Quotes are the same as quotation marks .


        e.g. The word 'remembered' is in quotes.
               remembered 一词用引号括了起来。

    8. 原话是;这是…的原话
        You can say 'quote' to show that you are about to quote someone's words.

        e.g. He predicts they will have, quote, 'an awful lot of explaining to do'.

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