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  • quiet

    英:[ˈkwaɪət] 美: [ˈkwaɪɪt] 

    quiet 基本解释

    1. on the quiet : 秘密地, 私下地;

    2. at quiet : 平静;

    quiet 相关词组

    1. on the quiet : 秘密地, 私下地;

    2. at quiet : 平静;

    quiet 相关例句


    1. Be quiet!

    2. The sea was quiet before the storm struck.


    1. She lay quiet.


    1. Mother quiet ed the frightened child.


    1. The wind quieted down.


    1. I'd like a few hours of quiet after the day's work.

    quiet 情景对话


    A:What do you do in your spare time?

    B:I like to play golf and badminton.

    A:What do you usually do every evening?

    B:I just like to sleep like a lazy cat.

    A:What’s your favorite hobby?


    B:My favorite sport is tennis.


    A:Do you like to read books?

    B:I enjoy reading so much that I always read in a quiet afternoon with a cup of good coffee.

    A:By the way, would you like to see movies.


    B:That’s OK.


    A:Good morning. I want a room tonight.

    B:Single or double?

    A:Single, please.


    B:Do you have a reservation?

    A:Yes, I made a reservation in Shanghai.

    B:Then, I believe you have a conformation slip.

    A:Yea, let me see. Is this the one you want?

    B:Yes, that’s it. What’s your name, please?

    A:Wumei is my name.

    B:Just a moment, please. Yes, we have a room reservation for you.

    A:Is it a room with a bathroom?

    B:Yes, it is.

    A:Can you give me a quiet room?

    B:Yes, it is an inside room on the eighth floor.
          好的,这是一个8 楼内侧的房间。

    A:What’s the room rate?


    B:Eighty dollars a day. How long do you plan to stay, Mr. Wu?
          一天80 美元。您打算住多久呢?

    A:Three nights as scheduled.
          如预定中的3 晚。


    B:Will you sign the register, please?

    A:Is that right?

    B:Thank you, Mr. Wu. Your room number is 827. The bellboy will take your bags and show you to your room.



    A:What did you think of the food?

    B:It was delicious. I especially liked the garlic mashed potatoes.

    A:You’re right, those were fantastic.

    B:Did you like your food?

    A:I was a bit disappointed in my main course, actually. The sauce was too rich.


    B:How about the dessert?

    A:That was the best chocolate mousse I’d ever eaten! I might go back there just for that next time!

    B:The service was pretty good, too, wasn’t it?

    A:Yes, they were very attentive. My glass was always full.

    B:I liked the atmosphere. It was nice to eat in a quiet restaurant.


    A:What did you think of the jazz ensemble that was there?


    B:You know, I think they were the same ones who play at Aria on Friday nights.
          你知道吗,我觉得他们就是每周五晚上在Aria 演出的那个乐团。

    A:I think you’re right. I really like the female singer. She has such a mesmerizing voice.

    B:Not as mesmerizing as yours!

    quiet 网络释义

    1. 安静的:NaN有两种形式:会产生信号(Signaling)的和不会产生信号的或称为安静的(Quiet). 当一个产生信号的NaN(SNaN)被用于操作时就会引发一个无效操作异常,而一个安静的NaN(QNaN)则不会. SnaN是一类会引发无效操作异常的数值.

    2. 宁静的:资料介绍:通过滑稽的语言 教学生如何背英语单词, 例如quiet street说,我向来便是十分(quite)宁静的(quiet),形象生动的表述.

    quiet 词典解释

    1. 轻声的;安静的;静悄悄的
        Someone or something that is quiet makes only a small amount of noise.

        e.g. Tania kept the children reasonably quiet and contented...
        e.g. A quiet murmur passed through the classroom...

    'This is goodbye, isn't it?' she said quietly...
    He closed the door quietly.
    ...the smoothness and quietness of the flight.

    2. (地方)寂静的,安静的,清静的
        If a place is quiet, there is very little noise there.

        e.g. She was received in a small, quiet office...
        e.g. The street was unnaturally quiet.

    I miss the quietness of the countryside.

    3. (地方、环境、时光)安宁的,清静的,平静的,宁静的
        If a place, situation, or time is quiet, there is no excitement, activity, or trouble.

        e.g. ...a quiet rural backwater...
        e.g. It is very quiet without him...

    His most prized time, though, will be spent quietly on his farm.
    I do very much appreciate the quietness and privacy here.

    4. 安静;静谧
        Quiet is silence.


        e.g. He called for quiet and announced that the next song was in our honor...
        e.g. Jeremy wants some peace and quiet before his big match.

    5. 沉默的;不出声的;一言不发的
        If you are quiet, you are not saying anything.

        e.g. I told them to be quiet and go to sleep...
        e.g. I just went quiet, embarrassed, and couldn't answer...

    Amy stood quietly in the doorway watching him.

    6. (感情)不外露的,不张扬的,内敛的,含蓄的
          If you refer, for example, to someone's quiet confidence or quiet despair, you mean that they do not say much about the way they are feeling.

          e.g. He has a quiet confidence in his ability...
          e.g. All through his life he has shown a quiet determination to get things done.

    Nigel Deering, the publisher, is quietly confident about the magazine's chances.

    7. 暗中的;秘密的;私下的
          You describe activities as quiet when they happen in secret or in such a way that people do not notice them.

          e.g. The Swedes had sought his freedom through quiet diplomacy...
          e.g. Then it was back to the house for a quiet celebration...

    I slipped away quietly...
    The goal of shifting freight from road to rail has been quietly abandoned...
    Lee's body was flown to the US, where he was quietly buried in Seattle.

    8. 温和的;文静的;不易激动(或动怒)的
          A quiet person behaves in a calm way and is not easily made angry or upset.

          e.g. He's a nice quiet man.

    9. (颜色、服饰)素净的,朴素大方的
          You describe colours or clothes as quiet when they are not bright or not very noticeable.

          e.g. They dress in quiet colors so as not to call attention to themselves.

    10. (使)安静;(使)平静下来
          If someone or something quiets or if you quiet them, they become less noisy, less active, or silent.

          e.g. The wind dropped and the sea quieted...
          e.g. Estela started to say something but a gesture from her husband quieted her at once.

    in BRIT, usually use 英国英语通常用 quieten

    11. 消除,减轻(恐惧);平息(抱怨)
          To quiet fears or complaints means to persuade people that there is no good reason for them.


          e.g. Music seemed to quiet her anxiety and loneliness.

    in BRIT, usually use 英国英语通常用 quieten

    12. (不抗议、不抱怨地)安静离开
          If someone does not go quietly, they do not leave a particular job or a place without complaining or resisting.

          e.g. She's not going to go quietly.

    13. 将…保密;保守…的秘密
          If you keep quiet about something or keep something quiet, you do not say anything about it.


          e.g. I told her to keep quiet about it...
          e.g. I think I found it easier than Nell to keep our engagement quiet.

    14. 在暗中;秘密地;私下里
          If something is done on the quiet, it is done secretly or in such a way that people do not notice it.

          e.g. She'd promised to give him driving lessons, on the quiet, when no one could see.

    Take care not to confuse quiet and quite.
    注意不要混淆 quiet 和 quite。

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