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  • field

    英:[fi:ld] 美: [fild] 

    field 基本解释

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    1. Italy fielded a strong team for the World Cup.


    1. The students of the geological class will be out on field exploration for the duration of the school year.

    2. He is a prominent scholar in the field of linguistics.

    3. They were working in the cotton fields.

    field 情景对话



    B:Wow, American football is more exciting than I thought.

    A:You’re in America now, my British friend. We just call it football.

    B:Oh, right. So, I can’t quite follow what’s going on…who’s winning?

    A:The Giants are up by three points because of the field goal they kicked, but the Redskins have the ball and there pretty close to the end zone.

    B:Wow! What a hit!

    A:Yeah, he tackled him so hard his helmet came off.

    B:Is he ok?

    A:It looks like it, he’s getting up.

    B:I guess he hit him too hard; the referee just called a penalty on the home team.

    A:The Giants?



    A:Well, here we go again.

    B:What happened? Why did everyone get so quiet?


    A:The Redskin’s quarterback just threw a touchdown pass for seven points. We’re losing again.

    At the Airport-(在机场)

    A:Is the nine o'clock flight from Montreal on time?


    B:Flight 496? No, it's running twenty minutes behind.They're due on the field at nine twentyfive. Probably Gate 34.
          是496航班吗?不,它晚点二十分钟。 应该在九点二十五分着陆,大概是34号门。

    A:I have reservations on Flight 27 to Mexico City.

    B:May I see your tickets, please? You confirmed your reservations?

    A:Yes, this afternoon.

    B:Here we are, Mrs.Jonhnson. Do you have any baggage?

    A:No. Just this overnight case.


    B:Fine. Let's see, now. flight 27 is right on time.You'll be leaving from Gate 13 on the eastern concourse.


    A:Is there anything else to do before flight time?


    B:No, ma'am. Just show your ticket to the boarding officer as you get on the plane. The rest is our job. Have a good trip, Mrs.Johnson.


    A:How may I help you?

    B:I’m looking for a job.

    A:What kind of job are you looking for?

    B:I don’t know exactly. I’m kind of looking for a change.

    A:What field have you been working in?


    B:I’ve been working in the education field. But, to be honest, I’d like to find a job that pays better.

    A:What kind of experience do you have?

    B:I was a high school English teacher for 10 years. In that time, I also organized class trips, helped students raise money, and was the head of the faculty for the last 3 years.
          我在高中教过10 年英语。在那段时间里,我组织过班级旅游,帮助学生集资,并且后三年是教师中的负责人。

    A:Did you do any writing while you were at the school?

    B:Yes, I taught writing classes, worked with the students to make the year book every day, and also did some freelancing on the side.

    A:What kind of freelancing?

    B:I had a few articles published in some magazines and newspapers. I also wrote a textbook.

    A:What kind of job are you looking for now?

    B:I’d like a 9-5 office job.

    A:Would you be interested in working in the publishing field?

    B:That’s a possibility. Do you have anything available?

    A:Let me check my computer.

    field 网络释义

    1. 田地:另外,如'田地(field)'在数学中被赋予了专门的数学意义'场、域'. 此外还有一些数学术语(technical jargons),如integrable(可积的). 特殊的表达语言和术语是出于精确性(precision)的考虑. 数学上管语言和逻辑的精确性为'严谨性(rigour)'.

    2. field:fieldrepresentative; 外地代表

    field 词典解释

    1. 地;田;牧场
        A field is an area of grass, for example in a park or on a farm. A field is also an area of land on which a crop is grown.

        e.g. ...a field of wheat...
        e.g. They went for walks together in the fields.

    2. 运动场;球场
        A sports field is an area of grass where sports are played.

        e.g. ...a football field...
        e.g. He was the fastest thing I ever saw on a baseball field...

    3. 矿产地;矿田
        A field is an area of land or sea bed under which large amounts of a particular mineral have been found.

        e.g. ...an extensive natural gas field in Alaska.

    4. (磁、引力或电)场
        A magnetic, gravitational, or electric field is the area in which that particular force is strong enough to have an effect.

        e.g. Some people are worried that electromagnetic fields from electric power lines could increase the risk of cancer.

    5. 专业;学科;领域
        A particular field is a particular subject of study or type of activity.

        e.g. Exciting artistic breakthroughs have recently occurred in the fields of painting, sculpture and architecture...
        e.g. Each of the authors of the tapes is an expert in his field.

    6. 字段;信息组;栏
        A field is an area of a computer's memory or a program where data can be entered, edited, or stored.

        e.g. Go to a site like Yahoo! Finance and enter 'AOL' in the Get Quotes field.

    7. 战场;战地
        You can refer to the area where fighting or other military action in a war takes place as the field or the field of battle .

        e.g. We never defeated them on the field of battle.
        e.g. ...the need for politicians to leave day-to-day decisions to commanders in the field.

    8. 视野;视域
        Your field of vision or your visual field is the area that you can see without turning your head.

        e.g. Our field of vision is surprisingly wide.

    9. (体育比赛的)所有参赛者,出场阵容
        The field is a way of referring to all the competitors taking part in a particular race or sports contest.

        e.g. Going into the fourth lap, the two most broadly experienced riders led the field...
        e.g. The field were so close that they would have caught us if I hadn't begun the sprint.

    10. 实地;野外
        You use field to describe work or study that is done in a real, natural environment rather than in a theoretical way or in controlled conditions.

        e.g. I also conducted a field study among the boys about their attitude to relationships...
        e.g. Our teachers took us on field trips to observe plants and animals, firsthand...

    11. (在板球、棒球或圆场棒球中)防守,担任守队
          In a game of cricket, baseball, or rounders, the team that is fielding is trying to catch the ball, while the other team is trying to hit it.

          e.g. When we are fielding, the umpires keep looking at the ball.

    At first base he led the league 21 times in fielding.
    他在一垒防守方面 21 次位居联盟第一。

    12. (通常成功地)回答,处理(问题)
          If you say that someone fields a question, you mean that they answer it or deal with it, usually successfully.

          e.g. He was later shown on television, fielding questions.

    13. 使…出场;让…参加比赛
          If a sports team fields a particular number or type of players, the players are chosen to play for the team on a particular occasion.

          e.g. England intend fielding their strongest team in next month's World Youth Championship.

    14. 让…参加竞选;让…作竞选候选人
          If a candidate in an election is representing a political party, you can say that the party is fielding that candidate.

          e.g. There are signs that the new party aims to field candidates in elections scheduled for February next year.
                 有迹象表明新党意欲推举候选人参加定于明年 2 月举行的选举。

    15. 纵情享受;肆意地做;尽情地做
          If someone is having a field day, they are very busy doing something that they enjoy, even though it may be hurtful for other people.

          e.g. In our absence the office gossips are probably having a field day...
          e.g. I suspect that the lawyers are going to have a field day before it's all sorted out.

    16. 在实地;在野外
          Work or study that is done in the field is done in a real, natural environment rather than in a theoretical way or in controlled conditions.

          e.g. The zoo is doing major conservation work, both in captivity and in the field.

    17. 领先;带头
          If you say that someone leads the field in a particular activity, you mean that they are better, more active, or more successful than everyone else who is involved in it.

          e.g. When it comes to picking up awards they lead the field by miles.

    18. 到处拈花惹草;滥交
          If someone plays the field, they have a number of different romantic or sexual relationships.


          e.g. He gave up playing the field and married a year ago.

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